Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 29.2013 Camp Day 5- Aboud, Deir Ghassaneh, Jifna

On the fifth day of camp we took the campers on a hike over the mountains of Aboud and Deir Ghassaneh. We met in the early morning at 8:00 am in the Ramallah Friends School campus so we could prepare them for the hiking journey. We hiked for 3 hours at Aboud and Deir Ghassaneh until we arrived to a holy religious place, where a man lived, prayed, and died there. We took many breaks along the way, including stopping at a natural spring that provided campers with cool water. The trek was long and hard with some highs and lows on the way, but in the end close to everyone was able to complete the difficult task.

After the hike we had lunch in Jifna at the Dream Pool. At the pool the campers relaxed by the pool, swam and played cards. This was a great time for campers to unwind from the tiring hike and to cool themselves down by jumping into the cold water. After the pool, the campers went back to the Ramallah Friends School campus to be picked up for the night off.

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